Frequently Asked Questions


I just placed an order and the .edu email account information does not work!

Please note that the account information that you automatically receive after payment does not include your new hosting service or .edu email account information. This account registration is created automatically for purchases only. Since hosting accounts are a manual process, you will receive your hosting email account information in a separate email within 15 minutes to four hours processing time.

Do you offer authentic .edu email account hosting services?

We offer hosting and private email services. The personal @.edu email address is included free with academic hosting services only.

I cannot access my email account, the server keeps timing out!

It's more than likely that the email server has banned your IP. This can happen with too many failed login attempts. To rule out banned IP, please send our support your current IP address and they will white-list IP on the email server.

You can find out your current IP address here: http://www.whatsmyip.org/

How do I install an LMS such as Moodle? (Learning Management System)

Installation of LMS is automatic one click installation. There is no need to configure any database or security settings. You will receive control panel account (cPanel) that offers one click installation of the following LMS:
Moodle - Claroline - ATutor - Docebo - Omeka - Chamilo - Dokeos - eFront - TCExam

How do I setup my email account on Iphone?

How do I setup my email accounts for Android?

You may want to try this free app to configure your email account settings for Android: http://lifehacker.com/5812657/the-best-email-client-for-android

Can I forward my .edu email account to my gmail account?

Yes, your email account includes a web based, secure email server control panel that offers forwarding options, auto-responders, filtering, tracing, password change and automatic email email configuration setup for Windows Live, MS Outlook and Mac 0.S MailApp.

Can you send me a sample .edu email address for review?

There are seven different options for .edu domains and we cannot send you samples due to privacy concerns.

Do the included .edu email addresses work for student discounts?

We do not test .edu email accounts for any available student discounts, however, they should work fine for most student offers.

Are .edu email addresses accepted for Microsoft MSDNAA student services?

Microsoft requires a complex registration licensing system for MSDNAA accounts. Our .edu domains are not registered with Microsoft , therefor, the included .edu email accounts will never be accepted for Microsoft MSDNAA student services.

Can I operate a memory intensive educational CMS such as Drupal and Moodle Integration?

Yes, we offer sufficient memory allocation for all academic hosting packages. And if you ever see the dreaded "Insufficient Memory" error with your academic .edu sub-domain, we will give you one month free!

How can I be assured that your .edu email addresses are not hacked or stolen accounts?

We operate legitimate educational hosting services and control our own .edu domains/servers for the past 15 years. We do not offer any .edu domains that we do not fully control.

Do the .edu email addresses have any advertisements?

There are no advertisements in any of our hosting services. You will have a spam free service. Guaranteed!

What if I am not satisfied with my edu email hosting account?

Please request a refund within three days of service, no questions asked!